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Lacey Contemporary Gallery

  • NEXT EXHIBITION : Alchemies - Jenni Hicks and Meirion Harries
  • NEXT EXHIBITION : Alchemies - Jenni Hicks and Meirion Harries
  • NEXT EXHIBITION: Alchemies - Jenni Hicks and Meirion Harries
  • NEXT EXHIBITION: Alchemies - Jenni Hicks and Meirion Harries
  • SAVE THE DATE | Surface Tension - Angela Smith | 19-29 October 2016
  • SAVE THE DATE | Surface Tension | 19-29 October 2016



Jenni Hicks & Merion Harries
27 Sept – 1st October 2016
PV: 28 Sept 6-9pm, RSVP

A collaborative exhibition opens at Lacey Contemporary Gallery this September featuring two contemporary artists based in London and working in Photography and Ceramics. All artistic creation involves alchemy:  alchemy of materials and of imagination.   Jenni Hicks uses fire to transform base clay into works of art using processes that have existed for thousands of years.   Meirion Harries captures and manipulates light to create printed art forms with processes that are relatively more recent.  The ceramic object and the photographic image gain a life that transcends their origins in clay and paper. Contrasting the oldest and newest artistic processes, ALCHEMIES demonstrates that art is not simply rooted in or bound by the process of its creation, but springs to life through the alchemy of imaginative engagement.


Vlasta Zakova

Lucia Dovičáková, Barbara Kubániová, Jarmila Sabová, Vlasta Žáková
Curated by Ľuboš Lehocký
4-15 October 2016, PV: Tues 4 Oct, 6pm -RSVP

Supported by the Slovak Government, we are proud to present a group show of Slovak woman artists working in a variety of mediums from textile, to painting, to film. The concept of the exhibition is based on the phenomena’s out of “normal concepts of life“, which the artists reflect on through their work. The motives come out of their primal experience of being in a “different state”, all went through the experiences of becoming mothers. More info to come…

Angela Smith

New Paintings by Angela Smith
19 – 29 October 2016
PV Wed 19 Oct, 6-9pm – RSVP

Lacey Contemporary is proud to present their first solo exhibition of Angela Smith paintings. Brighton based painter, Angela Smith paints primarily in enamel and gloss, often poured on to the canvas which is then tilted to create sinuous shapes. Forms emerge and are contrasted with bold solid areas of colour. Paint is layered to create a lustrous shine and intensity of colour. Surface is important varying from an impenetrable flat sheen to sags, wrinkles and furrows. As with all her works, this exhibition of new paintings will explore themes of vulnerability and the exposure and concealment of suppressed emotions. READ MORE…

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