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Lily-Joy Jackson | Charley Dawson | Ariel Hack
Angus Spearman | James Fish | Laura Rowe

Six Emerging Artists from the University of the Arts Surrey
3-6 June 2016 | PV Friday 3 June 6-9pm – RSVP

This June, Lacey Contemporary Gallery presents a group of six emerging artists from University of the Creative Arts in Surrey. As a collective these young artists explore the idea of ‘chrome’ through a variety of different mediums from metal work, sculpture to paintings and prints. All of the work you see relates to each other through colour and materiality.

We are proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity through this event.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Registered charity no. 1160024

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LilyLILY-JOY JACKSON uses painting to explore the theme ‘Chrome’. Her works are abstract and look at painting in its most basic form. She explores how the paint connects to the canvas and portrays a message from the artist to the audience through the freedom of gesture. Her works also connect to shape, form and colour as she uses mark making as a way to challenge our perceptions and understanding of a work of art.

ARIEL HACK is an artist whose work looks at ideas of missing people and the mysteries behind the ephemera that is left behind. Her work uses photography and print to create layers that exaggerate visual cues that could trigger common signifiers with the audience. Her works act as an investigation into the mysteries that surround missing people, using layered images to explore the ‘Chrome’ theme.

LauraLAURA ROWE uses the everyday as a material to create new objects from the readymade, linking her works to the production and repetition of objects in the quotidian. Using the medium of sculpture to realise her ideas, the work shown in this exhibition shows the use of paperclips and a hammock frame as a way to explore reproduction.

ChromeCHARLEY DAWSON uses painting as a medium to explore the notions of a non- descript image. Her works are all made with chance in mind, and as there is no set idea of an end result, the final canvas becomes a product of an ‘unconscious process’. Her works challenge ideas of interpretation and non-subjective seeing – what one person see’s may not be what another would. Using her paintings as a platform for the audience to project their own relative interpretations, the works shown dance around the notion of ‘Chrome’.


JAMES FISH is an artist whose works are interdisciplinary, using media such as sculpture, drawing, photography and printmaking to create works that explore notions of materiality, colour and process. Using chance and the juxtaposition of the inexpensive and expensive, shapes and platonic solids and the reuse of materials, these photographs depict the notion of making and creating with an underlying root in how art links to current affairs such as the refugee crisis.

ANGUS SPEARMAN is inspired by the work of Anslem Keifer and Peter Doig. Through both the mediums of painting and sculpture, Angus explores the relationship between metal and paint to create his resulting abstract artworks. The pieces exhibited as part of ‘Chrome’ illustrate various mark-making techniques on steel, including the use of a grinder and blow torch to create different patterns.

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