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Objects and Interiors: 6-10 January 2015

Objects & Interiors

Objects and Interiors: Brian Ord, Fiona Foster & Val Close

Opens Tuesday 6 January 6-8pm, 2015
Exhibition runs until the 10 January 2015

To kick off 2015, Lacey Contemporary Gallery presents OBJECTS & INTERIORS, a group exhibition featuring three British artists – Brian Ord, Fiona Foster & Val Close. Working across sculpture, painting, textiles and digital collage, each artist explores the notions of everyday life through the observation and recreation of our domestic spaces and surrounding objects.


Brian Ord

BRIAN ORD will present selected works from his series – Impossible Interiors: His works originate as small scale hand worked collage, appropriated from a wide variety of printed sources. These collages are then photographed at high definition & digitally printed, sometimes on a different scale, directly onto canvas. The canvases are then reworked with a range of materials and techniques, including polyester resin & oil paint.The illusionistic end products attempt to comment on issues involving the contemporary house & home, and are in particular, a political comment on the futile pursuit of domestic perfection.

Val Close


VAL CLOSE will present a series of large paintings inspired by the idea of ‘Comfort Blankets’.
Comfort blankets hold on to an emotional value that is hard to put into words, and far exceeds the physical nature of the object itself. Touching an object is also part of ‘taking ownership’ of it emotionally. Whenever we are filled with a sense of loss or danger, we call upon some object or idea ( an inner resource ) that allows us to recover our emotional bearings and face the new challenge.



Fiona Foster

FIONA FOSTER originally studied sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, before studying for an  art therapy diploma and M.A at the University of Hertfordshire. She has developed a fascination for the culture of Indonesia, and Bali. Art and spirituality are inherently interwoven in Balinese culture, every aspect of society brings artistic traditions and sensibilities into everyday living. Fiona Foster’s work pays homage to these qualities. Through the use of materials and found objects from Indonesia, she manages to transcend the simple sense of place, injecting poetry into these everyday items.

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