GEOFF DIEGO LITHERLAND explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. It draws from traditional genres of painting together with the rusty surrealism of science fiction and the fantasia of abstraction to create a parallel world that seeks to not only question our perception of and relationship to nature, but paintings’ historical and current role in that.  He is inspired by the Hudson River painters, abstract expressionism, and the films of Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan. Geoff creates a space where his work can sit between figuration and abstraction. He tears holes in space and other dimensions, providing sci-fi portals to pull you in or spit you out. Giant expanses of the cosmos compacted into octagonal gates bridge these spaces together. In his universe, different times and dimensions are woven together. Are these a documentation of a land from the past or the future?­­

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  • Geoff Diego Litherland
  • Geoff Diego Litherland
  • Geoff Diego Litherland
  • TheOtherSideoftheSky, £5500
  • Adjacent-Infinite-Summer, £3400
  • SpaceShipEarth-GhostsKeepMeAlive, £4200
  • Oblique-Cartographies-Signalling-Through-The-Clouds, £1400
  • Geoff Diego Litherland, Adjacent-Universal_Sigh
  • Geoff Diego Litherland, SpaceShipEarth(windowno.11)Always_Returning
  • Geoff Diego Litherland, Adjacent-Last_things_last
  • Geoff Diego Litherland, SpaceShipEarth(windowno.13)Everyone_is_a_burning_sun
  • Adjacent-LoopCharm, £1500
  • Adjacent-A-Field-In-England, £3000
  • Oblique-Cartographies-Call-of-the-stars, £1400
  • Geoff Diego Litherland, Adjacent -Echo of Tomorrow
  • SpaceShipEarth-The-Quite-Explosion, £1800
  • TheAirBetweenUs, £650
  • WeAreStarDust, £650
  • GaiaForever, £650
  • To Another Life | 2016, Oil & Gesso on LInen, 50x60cm, £1000
  • It's Not Somewhere Else | 2016, Oil on Linen, 110x90cm, £2500
  • Soul Chart VI | 2016, Woodcut print on paper, 45x45cm, £275 unframed, £350 framed
  • The Other Side of the Sky - Oil on Canvas, 140x180cm, 2015, £5500
  • Adjacent - Infinite Summer - Oil on English Flax, 100x130cm, 2015, £3400
  • Space Ship Earth: Ghosts Keep Me Alive -  Oil on English Flax, 150x150cm, 2015, £4200
  • Oblique Cartographies - Signalling Through the Clouds - Oil on Fabriano Tela Oil Paper, 75x110cm, 2015, £1400
  • Adjacent: Universal Sigh, Oil on Canvas, 90x110cm, 2014, £3000
  • SpaceShipEarth (windowno.11): Always Returning, oil on canvas, 150x150c, 2014, £1800
  • Adjacent, Last things last, oil on canvas, 90x110cm, 2014, £3000
  • SpaceShipEarth (windowno.13) Everyone is a burning sun, oil on canvas, 150x150cm, 2014, £4200
  • Adjacent - Loop Charm -  Oil on English Flax, 58x64cm, 2015, £1500
  • Adjacent - A Field in England -  Oil on English Flax, 90 x 110cm, 2015., £3000
  • Oblique Cartographies - Call of the Stars -  Oil on Fabriano Tela Oil Paper, 75x110cm, 2015, £1400
  • Adjacent -Echo of Tomorrow, Oil and Gesso on Linen, 58x64cm, 2014, £1500
  • Space Ship Earth - The Quite Explosion - Oil on English Flax, 100x100cm, 2015, £1800
  • The Air Between Us - Oil on English Flax, 30x35cm, 2015,  £650
  • We Are Star Dust - Oil on English Flax, 30x35cm, 2015, £650
  • Gaia Forever - Oil on English Flax, 28x30cm, 2015, £650



Geoff Diego Litherland is a Mexican born artist based in Nottingham. He graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2002 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art Painting and in 2012 completed an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London. Recognition to date includes being selected for the 2013 Catlin Guide; in 2012 he won the Saatchi Online Surreal Showdown and the prestigious Warden’s Purchase prize from Goldsmiths. He has also been selected for the John Moores 25 Painting prize at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool and won the Nottingham Castle Open in 2008. His work is featured in public and private collections worldwide.



2010-2012 MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London
2002 BA Fine Art Painting, 1st Class Honours, Falmouth College of Art
1999 BTEC Diploma Foundation Studies in Art, LUSAD


2014 Featured in the Bonhams auction A Contemporary Edge
2013 Selected for the Summer Exhibition at the RA
2013 Chosen for the 2013 Catlin Guide
2012 Winner of the Surreal Saatchi Online Showdown
2012 Awarded the Wardens Purchase Prize from Goldsmiths College
2012 Selected for the Oriel Davies Open 2012
2011 Shortlisted for the Attenborough Prize at the Leicester Open 23
2011 Selected for the Salon Art Prize
2010 Selected for the FringeMK Painting Prize
2008 Winner of the Nottingham Castle Open
2008 Selected for the John Moores 25 Painting Prize
2007 Awarded – Arts Council Grant, Research and Development of fine art studio practice
2004 Luxa – Awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Arizona Film Festival
2001 Sail Loft Bursary Awarded by Falmouth College of Arts


2015 Infinite Summer, (solo exhibition) Lacey Contemporary, London
2015 Venture in the Slipstream, (solo exhibition) Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
2013 We Were Never Here, BEARSPACE, London
2013 We Will Say Goodbye to Everything, Nancy Victor Gallery, London
2012 Flat Like the Old Days, Watergate Gallery, Hay-on-Wye
2012 Geoff Diego Litherland: New Paintings, Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donnington
2011 Collisions, Art Work Space Gallery, London
2009 Conjuntos, Nottingham Castle Galleries
2009 Multiverses, Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Art Centre, Nottingham
2008 Goldfactory Research Space Residency, Egerton Studios, Nottingham
2007 Falling Awake (joint show with Michael Bowdidge) 1851 Gallery, Nottingham
2002 Esperar, Falmouth College of Arts Degree Show, Falmouth College of Arts
2001 long5º29ºwlat50º14ºn, Spring Gallery, Falmouth Arts Centre


2013 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2012 Oriel Davies Open, Newtown, Wales
2011 Open 23, Leicester New Walk Gallery and Museum
2011 Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Arts, London
2011 Nottingham Castle Open, Nottingham Castle Galleries
2011 Colour, Beldam Gallery, Brunel University, Uxbridge
2010 Crash, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
2010 Nottingham Castle Open, Nottingham Castle Galleries
2008 Nottingham Castle Open, Nottingham Castle Galleries
2008 John Moores 25 Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2008 Muse, Edgar Modern, Bath
2008 Spring Exhibition, J-Gallery, Northampton


2015 Wirksworth Festival Selected Artist, Wirksworth
2015 Salon 7, The Old Lock Up, Cromford
2015 5 Points of Connection, Backlit Gallery Nottingham
2015 Battersea AAF showing with Antlers Gallery
2015 The Tragedy of Landscape, The Griffin Gallery, London
2015 Collection of Small Paintings, The Contemporary London at Space W10, London
2015 The London Art Fair, showing with Antlers Gallery
2014 50 50 50 Auction, Syson Gallery, Nottingham
2014 Processed Space, Lacey Contemporary, London
2014 Manchester Contemporary, showing with Syson Gallery
2014 AAF Bristol, showing with Antlers Gallery
2014 Exploration, Antlers gallery, Bristol
2014 A Contemporary Edge, Bonhams, London
2014 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea London, showing with the Contemporary London
2014 The London Art Fair, showing with Bearspace, London
2013 Refresh, Bearspace, London
2013 Spatial, Antlers Gallery Bristol
2013 An Undelivered Postcard from the Edge of the World, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London.
2013 Out of This World Part 1, Syson Gallery, Nottingham
2013 Burning Bright, Saatchi Online Artists, Hyatt Hotel London, Selected by Rebecca Wilson
2013 The London Art Fair, showing with Bearspace, London
2012 The Aftermath, Bearspace, London
2012 Flatland, Blyth Gallery, London
2012 Cluster II, SW1 Gallery, London
2012 Diamond Armour, ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham
2012 Be Real, Hamni Gallery, London
2012 Preposterous, La Scatola Gallery, London
2012 MA Final Show, Goldsmiths College, London
2011 MA Interim Exhibition, Goldsmiths College, London
2011 The Bookmark Project, Nottingham Contemporary
2010 Relay, Core Gallery, Deptford, London
2010 Closely Held Secrets, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
2010 Race for The Prize, Tether, Nottingham
2010 Group Exhibition, Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington
2010 A Moment before Decadence, CoExist, Southend
2010 Group exhibition, Hart Gallery, Islington
2009 New Artists, Modern Artists Gallery, Whitchurch on Thames
2008 Gold Soundz, (currated by Geoff Diego Litherland) Southwell Artspace
2008 Drawing Out, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University
2007 Summer Show, Friar Lane Gallery, Nottingham
2007 Anon, Southwell Artspace
2007 Town and Country, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
2006 Process, Southwell Artspace
2004 the premier of Luxa and the other Echoes films at the Arizona Film Festival
2003 BAC! Contemporary art in the Raval (group show), Tallers Mina, Barcelona
2003 Tots els Continents a Gracia (group show), La Cafetera, Gracia, Barcelona
2003 Salamander Gallery Westerham, Kent
2002 Lights, Crescent Arts, Scarborough
2002 Fresh Air, Studio 95, Brick Lane, London
2001 St. Ives Open Studios Cornwall