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9th October – 2nd November 2014
Opening Night Thursday 9th October, 6pm-10pm

Processed Space is the inaugural exhibition for Lacey Contemporary Gallery which brings together the works of three outstanding young British painters working today – Ross M Brown, Geoff Diego Litherland and Merlin Ramos.

The work in this exhibition explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. This interest centres specifically upon ambiguous spaces and interfaces at the edges of the built environment where boundaries between civilization and nature, order and disorder, past and present have become blurred and indistinct. The paintings become subject, flitting between abstract/representational, accidental/intentional and constructive/destructive through a range of techniques.

Each artist employs a combination of technical and chance based processes to challenge the rigidity of linear perspective, each painting undergoes a series of constructive and destructive approaches, mirroring each site’s descent from a rational, geometric state into one of ambiguity and flux. The aim is to question what the spaces possibly once meant to us and their meaning to us today

Derelict structures form the basis of Ross’ work. Abandoned spaces that merge with nature. Buildings that melt into the land blurring the boundaries between man made and nature. Buildings that echo a now dissolved past, The empty corridors and walls that once held so much are now a mere husk, slowly crumbling back into the earth. The paintings investigation draws through a process of continuously developing the subject matter and disrupting surface quality through a process of chance.

Geoff tears holes in space and other dimensions providing sci-fi portals to pull you in or spit you out. Giant expanses of the cosmos compacted into octagonal gates that bridge these spaces together. In his universe, different times and dimensions are woven together. Are these a documentation of a land from the past or the future? Space for Geoff has a continuous narrative – every moment accessible, every world in the infinite universe within reach. The past and future crash into one another with glorious results.

Merlin works from a viewpoint of the observed space and then overlays personal meaning onto the spaces he chooses. He questions what the spaces possibly once meant us and how they challenge us now. A flickering between interior and exterior, no beginning and no end, the paintings exposes the direct purpose and process of the paint.

The unusual conforms of architecture and the distorted perspective where objects and buildings melt into one another create a playful exploration, leading the eye from one element to the next. From his travels around the world he produces intricate sketches that act as the starting point for his canvases. Sketches are pulled apart, cut and reformed to create distorted views laced with personal meaning like trinkets from a dream.

Lacey Contemporary is delighted to present three artists of outstanding quality, all pushing the boundaries of their practice and driven by the traditions of painting. 

 We invite you to join us at the opening of the gallery and our inaugural exhibition PROCESSED SPACE on Thursday the 9th October, 6pm-10pm. 



Ross M Brown - Pavilion (Interior)

Ross M Brown – Pavilion (Interior)


Geoff Litherland - These Corrosives Do their Magic

Geoff Diego Litherland – These Corrosives Do their Magic

Merlin Ramos – Crystal Maze

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